Capture The Chickens

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Capture The Chickens is a fun arcade and adventure game created by Magnific Studios. The goal of this game is to capture chickens and bring them to the farm.

Players in the Capture The Chickens game will own a farm with thousands of chickens. However, chickens from your farm are lost one day. Your mission is to find them and bring them back to your farm. On the road, you will encounter various types of enemy traps and obstacles. You must devise strategies to overcome these obstacles, such as jumping over them or killing monsters. Furthermore, apples and other useful items are scattered throughout the area. Remember to collect them all. When you discover a chicken, you must use your magic wand to add it to your inventory. Your score increases as you catch more chickens. As a result, try to catch as many as you can.

Gameplay features

  • The game is designed in the style of a Mario game, with interesting and simple gameplay.
  • One participant
  • Excellent graphics and an intriguing soundtrack

How to control

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Using X to capture the chickens.
  • Use space to your advantage.

How To Play

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