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Cannon Surfer

About Cannon Surfer

Cannon Surfer will give you a great experience where you will control your cannon to shoot down many obstacles, collect diamonds and reach the finish line.

Destroy all obstacles on the way in Cannon Surfer

You will be transformed into a dynamic, fun character in Cannon Surfer. Help your character upgrade and control the cannon to remove all obstacles that stand in your way. The more obstacles you shoot, the more gold you will get. Besides, the diamonds in Cannon Surfer are appeared quite special, they are carried by cars. As long as you shoot the car stopper, you will be able to collect diamonds. This is indeed a very interesting game, but if you have played it too many times and want to change it up a bit, you can visit the game Geometry Neon Dash 2. Come to this game, instead of shooting and facing obstacles directly like in Cannon Surfer, you will have to dodge them. However, the game effects in this game are very attractive.

What makes Cannon Surfer attractive to many players

In this game, you can use the collected gold and diamonds to upgrade cannons, and change the appearance of characters and shells. You need gold to buy the same guns in the shop and combine them to form a powerful cannon. You should upgrade it regularly because, after each level, the difficulty and number of obstacles on the track will be higher and higher. With the character's appearance and shells, you can change thanks to diamonds. There are various good-looking and cool looks in the skin shop, go there and change it to your liking. Besides, complete the tasks to receive different gifts, helping you shorten the time to upgrade and change.

How to control

You can use the mouse to control.