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Bowling Stars

About Bowling Stars

Bowling Stars is a sports game in which you will practice bowling with the goal of becoming a new star in this sport. Get ready to throw the bowling balls to knock down all the pins.

The game rules of Bowling Stars

This game has the same rules as the real-life bowling game. You will use the bowling ball and throw it toward the pins. There are 10 pins in all and arranged in a triangle. Your goal is to knock down as many pins as you can. If you are able to knock down all 10 pins in one throw, it will be called a Strike.

In this game, there will be a time limit in a bowling match. At the end of time, your score is calculated by the total number of pins you knocked down. As a result, try your best to knock down as many pins as you can to become a new bowling star. If you want to play more sports games, let's be a football player in the Football Legends 2019 game.

How to play Bowling Stars

With the mouse, it is easy to play this bowling game. First, you hold the left mouse button and move the ball in the position you want. After that, you pull the ball back to throw more force. Finally, pull the ball forward to throw.