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About Bloxd.io

Welcome to Bloxd.io which is an interesting multiplayer Minecraft game. In this game, your objective is to collect as many as blocks you can and build your own platforms.

Maybe Minecraft genre games are too familiar to everyone. It's greater when players can compete with other players when playing this game genre in bloxd.io. Start the game by choosing a mode from a variety of available game modes such as BloxdHop.io, DoodleCube, EvilTower, Peaceful, and CubeWarfare. After entering the play area, perform parkour jumps to navigate the area. Besides, explore the map and collect blocks to make materials for future construction. You can also connect with your friends in the game by pressing enter. The chat dialog will appear and you can start your discussion. Have a great time!

Features of the game

  • Multiplayer
  • Full-screen mode
  • Easy control
  • Minecraft graphics and interesting sounds.

How to play