Blocky Roads Online

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Play Blocky Roads Online to entertain now! Start the engine and reach the destination before running out of gas. Can you pass all the challenging levels?

Have fun driving on Blocky Roads Online

Join our unique route in Blocky Roads Online. In this game, you drive your car to the finish line at each level! Take control and improve your car to collect all sorts of things along the way. In this unique physics racing game, get in your car and explore lush landscapes, icy mountains, and desert sands! Collect coins to increase the power, speed, and other attributes of cars.

Drive cars on rough roads in Blocky Roads Online

To drive your car you click or tap and hold to accelerate, must reach the end of each course without losing gas to complete that level there are 20 levels in total to complete if you want to win win the game.

Each new road is more complicated and bumpy and there will be more obstacles, so focus more on each new path. Make sure to collect coins and increase your score, especially since you can use them to buy upgrade items for gas, jump, speed, and more time.

You can also find these upgrades on the roads you're driving on. We wish you safe travels. Show off your amazing driving skills in this game! If this game is too difficult, you can practice your driving skills through Geometry Neon Dash 2.

Notes when playing Blocky Roads Online

Your car may run out of gas, so you must drive fast to the destination. You can collect more gas along the way
Be careful as your vehicle may lose its balance. Use a good combination of the left and right arrows to tilt the car.
Don't bump the character's on the road unless you want to end the game.

Game control

  • Tap the screen to move forward
  • Use the left and right mouse to tilt the car.

How To Play

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