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Arena Angry Cars

About Arena Angry Cars

Arena Angry Cars is a fun-pushing car game. In this game, you try to be the only one left in the arena by driving angry cars and colliding with other cars.

When accessing the action game Arena Angry Cars, you will participate in a car fight. There will be 8 players competing in a match over an arena in the sky. Each player's task is to navigate his car to collide with other players' cars so that others are thrown and left the arena. Try to push them all and be the only one left in this arena. In the arena, some useful items sometimes appear such as protective shields. Collect it so you can avoid an attack from others. In addition, you must always keep in mind that while you are trying to keep up with your collisions with other people, you can also be someone's prey. Therefore, focusing and carefully observing the surroundings are essential factors. Finally, you can also take part in some other games to have more experience like Join Clash 3D, Spin Master, and Moto X3m 4 Winter.

How to play

Use your computer mouse to play.