Among Escape

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Among Escape is bringing Among Us character to you. Help them avoid obstacles on the road. The speed of your character will make you surprised.

Are you a big fan of Among Us characters? If yes, you should give Among Escape a try. The character Among is in danger and needs your help. He is running on a dark road with thousands of spikes. They appear constantly and they can harm your character with a single tap. Just run and run! This game should be on your favourite running game list. If you think this game is still too easy for you, Slope Game can blow your mind.

How to help Among character in Among Us Escape game

You will help him by controlling him to avoid the sharp spikes. The speed of the character is faster and faster, you need to swipe the mouse reasonably to get away from the deadly traps. The spikes are white and the road is black. Therefore, it is convenient for you to determine the position of the obstacles. One more thing, there are 4 available Among the character for you to choose from. Select your favourite character to start Among Us Escape game now!

Some things about you may not know

The game is endless until your character hit the obstacles. If you can avoid the thorn near you, you can get 100 points immediately.

You can see your points on the bottom left corner of the screen. You can defeat your own record. Moreover, you can see your rank on a leaderboard. This leaderboard is on the main menu and it shows one hundred top players in Among Us Escape.

The game is a good choice for everyone who is finding an entertaining game.

How to control

Click the mouse on the character and swipe to control it.

How To Play

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