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Amazing Jumper

About Amazing Jumper

Let's enjoy the Amazing Jumper game which is developed by Mapi Games. Test your reaction speed by controlling your ball to pass the dangerous obstacles.

The gameplay of Mapi Games is quite similar to the Geometry Dash Unblocked game. However, you will have a totally different experience when playing this jumping game. Various obstacles lie in the way that the ball passes. Help the ball pass them by clicking the left mouse button on the screen. Click many times continuously to the ball jump higher. In case the ball collides with those deadly obstacles, the ball will be broken by the sharp spikes of the obstacle. As a result, the game ends there. The game is quite simple but challenging. Let's play the game and show your capabilities.

Graphics of Amazing Jumper

The design of the ball and the game is inspired by the superhero spiderman. When you control the jumping ball, you will have the experience of transforming into a spiderman and performing amazing jumps. Wish you have a great time with the game!