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Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost

About Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost

This version promises to bring you very interesting challenges. Coming to this game, you will receive a very interesting task that is with the guy Adam in the game to find a way to scare and tease everyone around to make everyone really scared. Let's join this game to have moments of extremely fun entertainment! This game is not interesting enough for you, so you can explore a colourful neon world in Geometry Neon Dash 3.

Release Date

This game was released in February 2018


Adam and Eve 7: Ghost is developed by Functu.

Bad Adam appears in Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost

In this book, Adam has turned evil and now spends his time frightening people all around the world! Oh no. Evidently, Eve didn't like him. Oh no, what horrible news. He feels hurt and is really depressed. He's looking for a means to vent his rage. You have to assist Adam in frightening at least one person on each level! Can you make it possible for Adam to reach his victims?

Scare others in Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost

This game employs the standard Adam and Eve gameplay, where you must click on various goods and objects to assist Adam in advancing through the level and achieving his objective. You have to really use your head to try and find out how to scare the individual as the stages get harder and harder! This game is a ton of fun and has 14 distinct levels to accomplish. To move the objects, click on them. To solve each puzzle, you must tap the items in the correct order. This game is a good method to exercise your brain. Hope you will have a relaxing time.

Game control

Press the left mouse button to interact with an object.