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2 Players Madness

About 2 Players Madness

2 Players Madness is a passionate place for anyone who loves cars, especially sports cars. Come to this game and you will be able to own yourself the most amazing cars.

Join the exciting race of 2 Players Madness

There are 6 missions in total. The missions are marked as red M icons on the map. Drive your car to these points to start missions. 2 Players Madness has two modes for players to choose from. You can play racing or free driving depending on your preference or purpose. In the game's garage, you can buy yourself trendy cars and upgrade or customize it in color, or texture. In addition to this racing game, we can also provide you with many other popular games such as Geometry Dash Unblocked, Five Nights At Freddy's 2, or TrollFace Quest: Horror 3.

How to control

Player 1:

  • Move: "W, A, S, D"
  • Nitro: "F"
  • Look back: "T"
  • Respawn: "R"
  • Handbrake: "SPACE"

Player 2:

  • Move: "ARROW KEYS"
  • Nitro: "K"
  • Respawn: "O"
  • Look back: "L"