Yeti Sensation

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A gorilla named Yeti is being chased by the police, can you help him escape? Let's run far on the snowy road, overcome obstacles and collect berries.

Overcome any challenge in Yeti Sensation

On the way to escape, Yeti will encounter countless difficulties and challenges, there are many pitfalls waiting for him ahead. Your task in Yeti Sensation is to help this gorilla run as far as possible to escape the pursuit. Besides, you also need to collect many fruits along the way to serve the upcoming plans. The obstacles are both numerous and unexpected, either you avoid them all, or the Yeti will be caught. In addition, you will also encounter items such as rockets that help you launch at amazing speeds and destroy all barriers, or jump buttons, which help you jump high over the obstacles in front of you. Once you are bored with this game you can access the game Geometry Neon Dash. Also a running game, but coming to this game, the track will be extremely harsh with deadly dangerous pitfalls.

The store in Yeti Sensation

In the Yeti Sensation shop, you can equip this gorilla with amazing powers. In order for the character to easily overcome the challenges on the road, you can use the collected fruits to buy helmets and armor to help Yeti destroy all kinds of obstacles and still be safe. Besides, you can also buy magnets to increase fruit income for the next run. The hammer is also a great item for you to smash anything dangerous on the run. All the items in the Yeti Sensation store require a fruit fee, but the exchange makes sense as they carry the perfect power that helps you maintain your life-long to be able to stay alive and run farther.

How to control

Use the A, and D or arrow keys to control.

How To Play

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