Worm Hunt

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Worm Hunt is a familiar game, inspired by the Snake game but improved with better graphics, and more features. Start the game and experience the snake race in the game!

Collect as much food as you can in Worm Hunt

Worm Hunt is a multiplayer game, so the competition in this game is quite high. Each player in the game will control a separate worm and compete with the other. Your task is to control your worm so that it can collect a lot of food and become bigger. The game has a leaderboard in the left corner of the screen, allowing you to monitor the battle situation of the players. Also, you should avoid crashing into other worms, otherwise, you will be disqualified. However, Worm Hunt offers power-ups to help you survive more illegally in this arena, take advantage of them. And don't forget to go to the game store to unlock eye-catching skins for the worm as well as upgrade its combat ability. Besides Worm Hunt, we can provide many other games like Geometry Dash Unblocked, Papa Louie 3, or Bike Blast, which are also extremely interesting.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

How To Play

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