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About Stairs

Participating in the journey to discover and collect items in the game Stairs will be an interesting activity to help you spend long tiring days.

Interesting rules in Stairs

The stairs are slowly appearing, and they don't even stand still. But your task in Stairs is to control the ball so that it is always on those stairs. Jump, jump, and jump! The ball will always automatically jump like that, your job is to control it left or right to avoid sharp spikes as well as collect other Stairs items. Avoid the sharp spikes but you also need to be careful not to fall off the ladder, because otherwise, the game will be over. The more cars you jump, the higher your score will be displayed on the screen. You may be a bit familiar with this rule because it appeared in Geometry Jump World. The only difference with Stairs, in this game the character will not jump automatically, but you will control them when necessary.

Tools for you in Stairs

On the stairs you can see white circles. If you can control the ball so that it jumps into it, the ball will be strengthened by jumping higher. There are also diamonds and many mysterious boxes that appear in the Stairs game. In particular, if you collect magnets on the steps, they can help you absorb all the diamonds around in a certain amount of time. You can accumulate diamonds to change the skin for the ball, every time, the skin of the stairs is also changed. With boxes, they are really useful, however, in each mysterious box, there will be a specific power, be it destroying the number of spikes in front, or helping the ball jump faster.

How to control

You can use the A, D, and arrow keys to control.