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Sonic Exe

About Sonic Exe

Welcome to Sonic Exe which is one of the scary adventure games. Your task is to guide the green hedgehog to overcome obstacles and collect rings.

Sonic Exe is an interesting game in the Sonic the Hedgehog Series developed by Adam Gavigan. Join the game and transform into a green hedgehog named Exetior to find the Sonic character and eliminate him. On that quest, you will have to go through countless different lands around the world. Of course, the difficulties and challenges are not a few but more and more like Granny and Dino Game.

There are numerous foes you have to encounter during your journey including armadiloids, motobugs, monkey dudes, cactulas, fireworms, and so on. If you strike them by mistake, you will die. Collecting rings is one technique to defend yourself from them. When you collide with an enemy, you will lose a few rings but will not perish. However, when you run out of rings, collisions with other players will result in your demise. Collect as many rings as possible to increase your life span. You may also get power-ups from item boxes along the path. If you find any item boxes, jump on them to demolish them to earn power-ups. However, their benefits will vanish as soon as you strike an opponent. In addition to the challenges above-mentioned, you must also be wary of road obstructions such as lava, water, and spikes.