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Short Life

About Short Life

Short Life is a treacherous survival game including several dangerous traps. Your objective is to keep the character under safe control till the finish line.

It can be said that the name Short Life reflects this game. If you are not cautious from the beginning of the game, it will soon be over. In this game, your objective is to guide the player character past all of the perilous and lethal obstacles. You must constantly stay alert for traps such as spikes, weights, bows, arrows, etc. Depending on the kind of wound encountered, the game will either continue or terminate. If after the injury you are still alive, you may continue playing. This game is quite engaging but also fairly tough due to its more and more difficulties and obstacles. Good luck! Finally, if you feel this game is so difficult for you, let's try Burnout Drift, Racing Go, and Geometry Dash Lite.