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Sausage Run

About Sausage Run

The kitchen is very dangerous and it is possible to crush or cut the sausage into small pieces. In Sausage Run, help your sausage stays ahead of the competition and finishes first in the battle of sausages.

Rules of the game when participating in Sausage Run

In Sausage Run, there are many levels of play, and in each level the obstacles and arrangement of the obstacles are different. Microwaves can burn your sausage, a tub of water can drown it, and knives can cut it into pieces ... So to help your sausage plant outrun the opponents and get to the finish line first, you need to control it really skillfully and wisely. If you finish successfully in the first place, you will be the one to receive the highest amount of prize money and have the opportunity to be given a beautiful outfit. Besides, if you want to participate in a culinary race but don't want to play as a fugitive, you can play Twerk Run. In this game, your task will be to collect burgers to size up your body and defeat the enemies.

Some modes in Sausage Run

The game includes three modes: survival, race, and levels. In survival mode, you will participate in the race alone and run as far as you can to achieve a really high score. Next, level mode, which is similar to the previous mode but the track will have a destination, you need to pass from level to level. Finally, there is the race mode, where instead of participating in a race yourself, you will have competitors. Overcoming them and becoming the champion is your goal when participating in this mode. Besides, you can use the coins you earn through the games to unlock lovely extra pages for your sausage. You can buy hats, shoes or clothes for it, sausages will be lovely if you can do this. In addition, there is a leaderboard where you keep track of the results you have achieved during your participation in the Sausage Run.

How to control

  • Tap and hold the mouse to fast run
  • Release to slow down.


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