Roller Coaster

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Roller Coaster is modeled after a thrilling game where people come and enjoy their free time. With your ability, please attract as many customers and serve them well.

Experience the feeling of being high in the game Roller Coaster

This is a great game where you are an employee of the park and it is your responsibility to bring visitors to experience moving on a roller coaster. At first, the line of customers is very small, but this game designed waiting places for customers, you can attract tourists and expand the train compartments when passing through this place. If you serve wholeheartedly, the number of passengers will increase day by day. Besides, try to collect more dollars and avoid dangerous obstacles along the way. When you are bored with this game, try playing Geometry Neon Dash. This is a fun running game where a block begins its journey and you help it overcome the challenges on the track.

Discover the excitement of Roller Coaster

Coming to Roller Coaster, you will not only experience the thrills but also enjoy the wonderful scenery from above. However, to be able to see more charming landscapes, you need to go from level to level. To make the game more beautiful and rich, you can use dollars to unlock passengers and wagons. The special thing about Roller Coaster is that, unlike other games, you will not be able to choose a skin to unlock, but the system will randomly randomize a skin, so you won't have to think about which one to choose first. In addition, on the way you can collect keys, and collect the required keys, you will be able to open gifts, which can be dollars or any skin. Wish you have an enjoyable experience with Roller Coaster.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

How To Play

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