Night City Racing

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Become a racer in Night City Race. You experience many supercars with impressive graphics. Driving your car through a curved road with many obstacles on it.

If you are a racing game lover, you must play Night City Racing. Welcome to the Night City Racing! As you do know, Night City Racing now has the version of two people. There are three modes, including race, challenge, and free drive. In each mode, you can select to play alone or play with another person. It means players can play it with their friends or they can give a challenge to strangers. In this game, players have to navigate their cars to overcome obstacles and winding roads to go to the finish line. There are five challenge races in addition to the 16 regular races, each of which can be played either against the computer or a friend. Are you ready to enjoy the racing feeling?

Various cars in Night City Racing

This racing game is created with 3D graphics. It brings a realistic feeling to players. There are 10 supercars in the garage. You need coins from the challenge and race to buy them. Each of them has different features about top speed, handling, acceleration and brake. Moreover, you also can customize your supercar's paint, engine, turbo, etc. Many cool super cars are waiting for you to unlock. Are you ready to enjoy this thrilling race at the max speed? If you are a big fan of max speed,Geometry Neon Dash 2 is an ideal choice in your free time.

How to control

If playing single

  • Move: "W, A, S, D" or "ARROW KEYS"
  • NOS: "L-SHIFT" or "R-SHIFT"
  • Restart car position: "R"
  • Look back: "T"
  • Change camera view: "C"

If playing two players

Player 1

  • Move: "ARROW KEYS"
  • NOS: "M"
  • Restart car position: "O"
  • Look back: "P"
  • Change camera view: "K"

Player 2

  • Move: "W, A, S, D"
  • NOS: "L-SHIFT"
  • Restart car position: "R"
  • Look back: "T"
  • Change camera view: "C"

How To Play

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