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Join the battle for survival with a medieval setting in the Lordz.io game. Build your own empire by collecting coins, building bases, and expanding your army.

As I mentioned above, your goal in this game is to become the lord of an empire. To achieve this goal, you have to go through a rather challenging but exciting process. This is a normal thing because nothing is achieved easily.

How to play Lordz.io

You start the game as a lonesome lord. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your character to move around the area and collect gold coins. After you own a certain amount of gold coins, build yourself a base. Continue to expand your power and territory with houses for soldiers, knights, archers, and more powerful units. Don't forget to build a solid defense to fight the enemies in case they attack. Gook luck! In addition, Terraria is a great similar gameplay game. After you have a certain position in Lordz.io, you can enjoy this game.

How To Play

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