Keeper Of The Grove

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In this world, you will be a keeper who leads the army of magical trees. You have to put your soldiers in the correct position to attack enemies. You need to arrange troops to be able to deal the most damage. It's better to fill all the empty positions with tree soldiers. Each tree will have different elemental power. You have to buy them with coins. The cheap trees are less powerful than the expensive trees. Now, let's explore this game!

Entering the battles with monsters in Keeper Of The Grove

Before joining a fight, you have to choose the game mode first. There are two game modes which are normal and hard. We recommend that the normal mode is suitable for beginners. If you are a pro in this game, you can show your skills in hard modes.

In the fight, you will use the available coins to buy the first tree. Then, you have to earn coins by yourself. Each monster lays down, you will get some coins. These coins will be used to buy a new tree. Let's fill all positions with powerful trees. When you are ready to fight with enemies, let's press the monster button for the monsters to come in. Moreover, you also can know the number of monsters that will attack your grove. When you kill enough give monsters, you can proceed to another level.

Given guide in Keeper Of The Grove

If you don't know much about the plants or enemies in this game, you should read their information in Guide. Each time you open a new plan or a new kind of enemy appears you can't learn more about them through Guide.

Many skills are also can be shown in the skill parts. You may see many skills of each elemental. Unlock them to power up your plant. From that, you can kill enemies easily.

Let's accomplish some achievements to get incredible rewards. You also can get some interesting awards in Geometry Jump World.

Game control: Use the mouse to play this game.

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