G-Switch 3

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Get ready to participate in a strange race in a strange environment in the G-Switch 3 game. In this game, the gravity track will challenge your playing skills.

How to play G-Switch 3

As mentioned above, this running game is a game about a strange and exciting race track in a zero-gravity environment. The player controls his character to run and avoid obstacles such as saw blades, iron pipes, etc. You must be aware that your character will need a fulcrum when jumping. The reason is that this is a zero-gravity environment and it will fall into the air if there is no fulcrum.

Besides, your character will double even more as you progress in the game. In this case, you have to be very careful to control both characters. If either falls into the air or dies, the game is over. The two characters can run in two different locations, so be careful.

The character in G-Switch 3

The character in the game is designed as a stickman equipped with modern equipment. Therefore, when you look at the character, you will think it is a robot. Modern devices on the stick character will help it to stand and move when having a fulcrum in a zero-gravity environment.

How To Play

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