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Funny Shooter 2

About Funny Shooter 2

Welcome to Funny Shooter 2 a dramatic FPS game. Your mission in this game is to eliminate all the bizarre creatures and upgrade your arsenal.

An army of strange humanoid creatures suddenly appeared and attacked humans. Pick up your gun and destroy them all to protect everyone. Move your mouse to look around and use WASD to move. In addition, you need to use the combination key of W and Ship to be able to run, and press Space to jump. If you want to shoot those creatures, hold the Right Mouse Button to aim and click the Left Mouse Button to shoot. You can also use grenades for emergencies by using the G key. However, check the arsenal with the T key to find the most appropriate weapon in that case.

It can be said that the weapon you use the most will be the rifle. Therefore, you need to keep a few things in mind when you use it. There will be 30 rounds for a gun. When you use up those 30 bullets, you will need some time to reload. Make sure you stay away from enemies during that time.