Four In A Row

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Four In A Row is a fun competitive puzzle game where you and another player compete against each other to find out who makes the first 4-disc line.

Four In A Row can be said to be a new version of Tic Tac Toe game but this game is better than ever. First, you will have to choose a disc with your favorite color. After that, you are free to choose your own mode to play in three modes. You can be randomly matched with any player, or you can invite your friends to compete to see who is better in "2-player" mode. Finally, you can play with artificial intelligence in "play with the computer". Also, as I mentioned earlier, the gameplay of this game is that the players will take turns dropping colorful discs with the aim of creating a line of 4 discs. The person who creates it first will be the winner. Each player will have 30 seconds to think and drop their disc when it is their turn. If within those 30 seconds you cannot make a decision, your turn will be passed to your opponent.

Watching your opponent's moves closely and predicting the likely next move is a good way to win. Additionally, keep in mind that this 4-disc line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Wish you have a great time!

How to control

Use your computer mouse to play.

How To Play

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