Earn To Die

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The whole world is being invaded by zombies in Earn TO Die. Dangerous zombies can attack you at any time. But don't worry when you own an armoured truck. So these zombies cannot attack you. Now, you have to drive the car around in search of food. You can destroy anything in your path including scary zombies. Your truck will stop as soon as it runs out of fuel. Crash many zombies to get money. You can use the money to upgrade your truck.

Drive non-stop in Earn To Die

You will become a reluctant trucker in this game. Don't stop when there are too many zombies around. Not only zombies but you also have to face many obstacles such as wooden crates, wooden bars, etc. In addition, gaps are also deadly traps. You will not be able to move when stuck in these gaps. Try to run as far as you can before the fuel runs out. You will have to go through many places like Forgotten Hills, Catus Ride, Red Canyon, Desert Dash, etc. Every time you finish a ride, you get some money. Use it to power up your truck. Your truck can lose its balance. Therefore, you need to tilt your truck to keep balance. Hope you can destroy all zombies and get a lot of money! If this game is not stimulating enough for you, then you must definitely try Geometry Neon Dash 2. Here, the speed will amaze you.

Equip weapons and buy upgrades for your vehicle in Earn To Die

You can find a lot of weapons as well as equipment for your truck. You can select one of the engines like 7.0L Diesel Engine, 7.5L Diesel Engine, and 8.0L Diesel Engine. Moreover, you can also choose types of wheels like R24 HT Wheels, R28 HT Wheels, and R35 HT Wheels. Don't forget to retrofit your truck Gearbox, zombie Kit, Gun, and Boost. Let's upgrade your fuel to move further.

How to control

  • Up arrow for moving forward
  • Left and right arrow to tilt the truck

How To Play

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