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About Copter.io

Copter.io is one of the most popular epic.io and shooting games in the world. Your job is to pilot a helicopter and engage in combat and destroy other players' helicopters.

A war is taking place in the online game Copter.io, and you will participate in it as a military helicopter pilot. You must carry out a variety of tasks, including flying over a sizable area that is being invaded by hostile troops and destroying tanks, stationary weapons, and drones. 

Besides, you have to participate in aerial warfare with the helicopters of 30-real gamers from around the world. When you get rid of something, you score points based on how challenging it was to get rid of it. These points are helpful for strengthening your aircraft and leveling up against more powerful foes. 

Moreover, you can increase your shooting and movement speed, health regeneration rate, and other positive traits. To make the fight more engaging, you will eventually be given the choice of a vehicle class. Tri-gun helicopters, armored vehicles, sniper vehicles, fast shooting vehicles, and sniper rifle-equipped vehicles are among the alternatives. 

In addition, the special point of this game is that there is a table allowing you to know your position or result per the 30 players. If you want to be in the top 10 of the table, try your best. 

Notes in Copter.io

Unlike Geometry Neon Dash 3, this game is for multiplayer. You will have to master many different skills to control your vehicle and fight. In order to be convenient for control, you can change the control buttons in the menu.

Besides, you have 3 different graphic levels. Choose the level that suits your device's configuration for the best experience.

Furthermore, you should register to save your progress.

How to control

  • Move with WASD or arrow keys.
  • Shoot with the button or up arrow key. 
  • For special skills, use the right mouse button, center mouse button, or X.


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