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Color Galaxy

About Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a multiplayer territory game where you try to be the owner of most land. Compete with other online players and become the leader.

How the game works

When entering this game, you will take control of a stickman who is sitting in a car. You will drive that car to move around the area to occupy the land. Wherever your car and character move, it will leave a line with the same color as your car. You control so that this line forms an area that is closed to the area you own. Thus, your territory will become larger.

Notes when playing this game

It can be said that the game Color Galaxy has the same gameplay as Paper Io 2. When playing, you need to pay attention to avoid colliding with the fence of the playing area. Also, if you collide with another player's line, you will die. Conversely, you can trap other players and destroy them when they are in your territory.

At the end of the game, the 4 players with the highest score will be announced. Watch out for other players and try to be the number 1 player. Have a great time!