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Apple Worm

About Apple Worm

Can you pass the hard levels of Apple Worm? Apple Worm provides you with a series of puzzles. Help a worm eat an apple, avoid dangers and escape from a maze.

Recently, a puzzle game become increasingly famous over the world. It receives many comments from players in many game forums. It is an Apple Worm game. If you are looking for a game that blows your mind, then Apple Worm is an ideal choice. In this game, your character is a green worm. It looks a little bit silly with purple thick lips and sleepy eyes. The graphics of this game is simple, but it is very cute. Now, let’s explore Apple Worm gameplay

Apple Worm gameplay

There are 30 levels to challenge your brain. The difficulty will increase gradually as the levels increase. Therefore, you can easily pass the first levels. However. the next levels will take you a lot of time. As you know, you have two main missions. The first one is eating the red apple and the second one is going through the portal. These missions need to finish in turn. You will eat the apple first to be longer, then use the longer body to reach the portal. Press the arrow keys to navigate the worm. 

The apple will be hidden in a simple maze. You can see it immediately when you start this game. However, to eat this apple isn’t simple. You must make a strategy for each worm’s movement. If there is one wrong move in a level, you can stuck in a corner of the maze. Don’t worry, you can click on the replay button to restart that level. If you play many times, you can gain more useful experience. Specifically, you can avoid your previous wrong strategies. Besides Apple Worm, we recommend another game which also requires your cleverness - Slope 2. You do not only use your intelligence, but you also need to apply your control skills in this game. 

How to control

Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the worm.


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